domingo, 20 de setembro de 2009

Tulletti Projects

Hello folks!

It's been a while since I updated the blog for the last time, I've been a little busy lately, but as I said before, let's talk a little about these great guys who maintain these awesome channels on Youtube with really rare Tull material.
I'll start with Tulletti Projects, where the young Nick gives humanity some hope by showing that not all kids are doomed musically. Nick trades videos with people from everywhere, and since most of the videos are mute, he syncs them with audio from bootlegs recorded by the same time, even the same show. The result: a channel full of lost pearls to make every and all Tull fans stunned.
I must point out that Nick does his work for fun, and gives it away freely, and that's something I admire, because I had already seen people who have this egocentric pleasure of being the only one to have some recording. Nick sent to me a lot of his syncs, thanks again for that Nick!
Enough writing, let's see some reasons why you must sign Nick's channel and stay tunned, it's just a few selected videos from his channel, there's much more from where it came:

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  1. Hey great blog just found it today and I spent quit a bit of time going through it and checkingit out. I read your first post and it brought back so many memories from when I actively collected all things TULL. I remember getting packages from all over the world throughout the 70's bootleg, lps,live cassettes,45's anything I could get my hands on. That stayed pretty consistant until about 2000 so I got a fair amount of stuff shall we say. A Now the internet wow. But I was lucky I was introduced to Ian and Minstrel's music back in 1969 and saw every Tull tour from 75 to last Saturday night when I saw Ian (without Martin)sorry Florian. Well good luck with blog and I be back often

  2. Hello!

    I wish I was born sometime around 1950, so I would have the chance to see this great band (and many more) live in it's golden times.
    Well, I do what I can by sharing all the material I get from the internet and friends, to spread Tull's music further.
    I'm glad you enjoyed the blog, thanks for the comment, and be back soon!