quarta-feira, 11 de julho de 2012


Hoje recebi o seguinte e-mail do Mediafire deletando arquivos do DVD do show em Instanbul (Today I received the following e-mail from Mediafire erasing files from the Instanbul DVD):
The file (1991 - Instanbul Amphithatre DVD.part08.rar) violates the MediaFire Terms of Service. Due to it being distributed from your account, it has been removed. Also, a Strike has been placed against your account and can lead to a termination of service.
Respondi com o seguinte texto (I answered the following text):
Today I received e-mails about files that were deleted for violating terms of service.
I have a blog called Bootullegs, in wich I post exclusivelly bootlegs of the band Jethro Tull and it's members.
A bootleg is an amateur recording of a concert, not available comercially, therefore a recording no one profits from. I distribute this recordings for free, because I love this band. This recordings, and this blog are for people who have all official material of the band and still like it so much that want more and more.
I respect copyrights, I have posted things and taken them off when discovered they were officialy released, once I posted a show in 2008 that was released some time later and I took it of the air and posted a link for people to buy the album from Amazon.
I want to know what is wrong with distributing the files I distribute. I have been using Mediafire services for a long time without complaints, if this is to come to an end I would appreciate if the whys were explained to me really well.
I noticed that a DVD was the pivot of this, if someone really owns it I will take it of the air immediately with a excuse me blog post to go with it. Please help me figure this out. 
My blog: http://bootlegstullianos.blogspot.com.br/
The refered post that was taken of the air: http://bootlegstullianos.blogspot.com.br/2008/11/2008-avo-session-basel.html 
Estou esperando uma resposta, mas não tenho grandes esperanças. Se a conta for fechada, infelizmente o blog também parará as atividades. Resta esperar.  (I am waiting for an answer, without big hopes. If the account is closed, unfortunately, the blog will also stop the activities. Now we wait)