domingo, 29 de junho de 2008

1980 - Unplugged BBC

Infelizmente não encontrei nenhuma capa pra esse bootleg além dessa miniatura no electrocutas:

Local: Bootleg gravado no The Richard Digance Show BBC, London, UK, em 04 de Abril de 1980.

Faixas: Band Intros / Jack-In-The-Green / Peggy's Pub / Dun Ringill / Heavy Horses

Qualidade: Bom +
MP3: 192 kbps
Tempo Total: 19:34 min.

Link para download:
Download (26,5 mb)

3 comentários:

  1. I slowed the pitch on this down to -2.0, sounds much better this way. Great rare unplugged Heavy Horses!!

  2. Hellom
    I really don't understand much of audio and etc, i don't know how to do what you did.
    Can you pass us the bootleg with this modification? It would be awesome.