segunda-feira, 3 de março de 2014

Partial Reupload

Hello guys!
I began reuploading a few bootlegs. I intend to do it with more recordings in a near future. I upload them on Mega. Let's see if it works out.
For now, the bootlegs available are the ones listed below:

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  1. Really appreciate all of the hard work. Jethro Tull is my absolute favorite band. Keep it up!

  2. Hello,
    I just stumbled upon your blog. I owned Aqualung since the 70's but I wasn't a big fan. I recently saw a Top Of The Pops clip from 1970. The group mimed The Witches Promise. Since then, I have been entranced by that clip. I love that song. Did the group ever perform it live? I think it was only on a 45rpm single. Anyway, I know what it's like to upload so much and then have it disappear. I will be checking out some of your recent uploads. It is much appreciated. Thanks for now.
    Kwai Chang

  3. Thanks for the reposts. A few gems don't have.

    A few nice Tull items here.