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1973 - Your Rich Attainments Are All Imagined

Local: Bootleg gravado em Fort Worth, Texas, USA em 16 de Julho de 1973.

Faixas: CD I (A Passion Play): Lifebeats, Prelude, The Silver Cord, Re-Assuring Tune, Memory Bank, Best Friends, Critique Oblique, Forest Dance #1, The Story Of the Hare Who Lost His Spectacles, Forest Dance #2, The Foot of Our Stairs, Overseer Overture, Flight From Lucifer, 10.08 To Paddington, Magnus Perde, Epilogue, Thick As A Brick (The Middle Bit)
CD II: Cross-Eyed Mary, No Rehearsal, Instrumental (incl. Thick As A Brick & Drum Solo), Aqualung, Wind-Up, Instrumental (incl. Minstrel In The Gallery), Locomotive Breath / Hard-Headed English General, Wind-Up (reprise)

Qualidade: Muito Bom/Excelente
MP3: 320 kbps
2 CD's. Tempo Total: 68:52 min, 53:00 min.

Outro Bootleg do mesmo Show: Such a Sense of Glowing

Links para download:
Parte 1 (158,2 mb): Download
Parte 2 (119,1 mb): Download
Artwork (2,1 mb): Download

Comentários: Percebi que subi apenas 2 bootlegs em todo esse ano, em janeiro! Hora de arrumar isso, começando com um fantástico show da turnê de a Passion Play, com esse subestimado clássico tocado na integra, além de TAAB, várias faixas de Aqualung, entre outras, inclusive um instrumental incluindo as primeiras aparições do que viria a ser Minstrel In The Gallery 2 anos depois.
Just realized that I uploaded just 2 bootlegs this whole year, in january! Time to get this right, starting with a fantastic show from A Passion Play tour, with this underestimated classic played from beggining to ending, and also TAAB, several tracks of Aqualung, among others including an instrumental containing the first apparitions of what would become The Minstrel In The Gallery two years later.

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  1. I think your translation into englush suffered from a small flaw; your portuguese "subestimado" should probably be *UNDER*estimated, not overestimated. And I agree, A Passion Play is a great work.

    Many thanks for the upload.

    Anders Jansson
    Stockholm, Sweden

  2. Do you have cover images as well? The download bundles only contained the music.


  3. Hey Anders! Thanks for the correction, that's exactly what I wanted to say, but I wrote just the opposite!
    I do have the covers, I thought I had uploaded it too. I'll post it in here soon!

  4. Subi as capas do bootleg num arquivo separado!
    Artwork uploaded in a separated file!