quinta-feira, 25 de fevereiro de 2010

Futuro do Blog (Blog's Future)

Não tenho postado muito aqui ultimamente, e infelizmente a regularidade das postagens não deve aumentar tão cedo. O motivo é que voltei às aulas na faculdade e esse ano pretendo fazer as coisas diferente pra não ter que correr atrás do prejuízo em dezembro.
Minha próxima postagem será focada em verificar os links dos bootlegs e reupar todos os pedidos feitos por comentário, de link quebrado, musica faltando etc. Farei isso antes de pensar em postar bootlegs novos, aguardem as correções e reuploads!
I'm not posting much lately, and the posting regularity won't increase so early. The motive is that I've returned to have classes in College and this year and want to do things right from the beginning, so I won't need to study so hard like I had to do last december.
My next post will be focused in verifying the bootleg's download links and re-upload all the requests made by comments, regarding broken links, missing tracks, etc. I´ll do that before thinking about posting new bootlegs, wait for the corrections and re-ups!
Keep on Tullin'!

3 comentários:

  1. thank you for your care.
    Keep on the great work !

  2. Well if your in Classes!
    irreguardless what most many think! That is the most important for you!

    What you have here is Most Impressive!!
    that 05 Acoustic Rhapsody looks Quite INTERESTING! pulling that one. Marking this one to get back to when I've got more time!
    We all have that wonderful problem how to get done all we need and want to!

    and you do well!

    PS....thanks for having some of the posts translated to english!...this dumb yank can deal with spanish and some french...but german and portguese give me fits! Face it they really have to do something about the education for the USA and do a Better job.

  3. Hey gypsymuse! Thanks for the comment!
    I decided to start posting an English version of the posts when I realized that there were more comments from people from other places of the World than from Brasil!